New living styles, new materials and architect-designed homes from previous decades influenced 1970s houses.

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Architects, factory housing, regulatory changes and new materials and methods all influenced the houses of the 1970s.

Siting, layout and form

The houses of the 1970s were heavily influenced by architect-designed houses of the 1960s, and were built in a range of styles but with fairly standard plans.

Common problems and remedies

Most 1970s houses are likely to be fairly sound, though some design and structural issues may need consideration as part of any renovation.

Common modifications

Many 1970s houses remain in original condition, though some have been modified.


Houses built in the 1970s were generally not insulated. Insulation may be required as part of any renovation project, and in any case will provide benefits for occupants.

Foundations and subfloors

In most 1970s houses, foundations will be in good condition. But in some remedial action will be needed to deal with problems such as uneven floors and inadequate earthquake bracing.


The floors of 1970s houses often lack insulation, and may be affected by borer, splitting or other damage.

Walls and cladding

Weatherboard, brick veneer, asbestos-cement, stucco, concrete block, and other claddings were all used in the 1970s.

Interior features and finishes

Plasterboard walls (painted or wallpapered), softboard ceilings, and timber joinery were features of 1970s houses.

Windows, doors and other joinery

Most 1970s houses had aluminium windows, timber panelled or hollow core doors, and built-in timber panelling and cupboards.


Most houses of the 1970s had gable roofs with a relatively shallow pitch. A range of claddings was used. Some roofs may need maintenance or replacement.

Decks, patios and porches

Patios and timber decks were common in 1970s houses. Porches were less common, though eaves provided shelter over external doors.


Common issues include the need to add electrical outlets, replace hot water cylinders and deal with low water pressure.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Some 1970’s kitchens and bathrooms remain in close to their original condition.