Siting of 1970s houses

1970s houses were generally sited to provide a small front yard and large back yard.

Many 1970s houses were built in new subdivisions on the outskirts of cities and towns. Section sizes were typically smaller than in the 1950s and 1960s.

Where possible, houses were positioned to give a smaller front yard and leave the larger area at the rear.

Many of the houses built during the 1970s were speculatively built using standardised plans. Often, these houses were not well oriented for sun and views.


Garages and carports

Garages were sometimes attached to the house with internal access, such as the basement garages of split-level houses, and sometimes located at the rear or side of the section with a driveway beside the house (Figures 1-4).

A carport either at the front of the house or beside a free-standing garage was also common or was added later.