Windows, doors and other joinery

Most 1970s houses had aluminium windows, timber panelled or hollow core doors, and built-in timber panelling and cupboards.

Windows may need replacement to improve thermal performance, or deal with deterioration or air leakage.

Original details and common modifications


Houses of the 1970s had larger windows than in previous decades, typically with aluminium frames though other materials such as timber were used. Houses of the 1940s-60s typically had fairly small timber casement windows. Read more.


Glazed or solid panel doors were typical for exteriors, while interiors usually had hollow core flush doors. Read more.

Other joinery

Houses of the 1970s typically had extensive built-in storage. Skirtings and architraves had plain profiles. Read more.

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Common problems and remedies

Original windows are unlikely to be double-glazed and may not be airtight. Original frames may be in poor condition. Read more.

There may be a risk of moisture getting in around windows, especially where no flashing was installed. Read more.

Window flashings may need to be replaced as part of any renovation project - see moisture for details.

Also see Corrosion