Art deco houses were typically arranged around a hallway, with living areas facing the street or side of the house.

Although the art deco house – with its flat roof and parapets, stucco cladding, and reduced decoration – had a very different external appearance to the bungalow that preceeded it, the interior layout was often similar.

Typical layout

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The main entrance door, located at the front or side of the house, typically opened onto the central hallway, with doorways to rooms on either side.

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Living areas

The living room, identifiable by having the largest window, typically faced towards the street, or it could be located at one side with a curve of windows wrapping around a corner to overlook both to the front and one side of the property.

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Dining room and kitchen

A dining room was often accessed directly from the living room via glazed doors, while a separate kitchen would be located behind the dining room and generally towards the rear of the house. It is rare to find doors opening directly to the exterior from the living or dining room.

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Bedrooms were generally located on the other side of the hallway to the living rooms.

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Bathroom and toilet

The only bathroom was typically located at the end of the hallway in a layout similar to that of the bungalow. The toilet was indoors and was sometimes located in the bathroom or sometimes in a separate room adjacent to the bathroom.

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The laundry was located at the rear of the house and typically accessed from the rear porch. As with the bungalow layout, the kitchen, bathroom and laundry were generally located close to each other to make the plumbing easier. Bathrooms were often as close as practicable to the bedrooms.

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Built-in storage

Built-in storage cupboards typically included a hallway coat cupboard, a linen cupboard, and wardrobes in each bedroom.

Built-in shelving was sometimes found in the living room, but the built-in wall units (which were found in the bungalow living and/or dining rooms and comprised a mixture of shelves and cupboards with leadlight-glazed doors) had disappeared in favour of maintaining the clean, uncluttered lines of the art deco style.