Bungalows first appeared around the time of World War 1, and were the dominant style in the 1920s.

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Influenced by international trends, from about 1910 the villa gradually gave way to the bungalow style.

Siting, layout and form

Bungalows have a low-slung appearance with horizontal weatherboards and a low-pitch roof.

Common problems and remedies

A wide range of problems and issues – affecting design and structure – will need to be considered as part of any bungalow renovation.

Common modifications

Many bungalows have retained their original character.


Bungalows were typically constructed without insulation. Even with modifications, most fall below current insulation standards.

Foundations and subfloors

In some bungalows, repiling or other remedial action will be needed to deal with problems such as uneven floors and inadequate earthquake bracing.


Wooden bungalow floors often lack insulation, and some boards may be affected by borer, splitting or other damage.

Walls and claddings

Bungalows used native timbers for framing, and a range of claddings such as weatherboard and stucco.

Interior features and finishes

Bungalow interiors featured large amounts of timber panelling and joinery, with wallpaper or plasterboard on the walls.

Windows, doors and other joinery

Bungalows typically had timber casement windows, often with leadlighting. Read more.


Bungalows typically had a combination hip and gable roof, clad in steel, shingles or Marseille tiles.

Verandas and porches

Bungalows typically had one or more porches, including a deep front porch.


Common issues include the need replace old wiring, and the need to deal with leaks and low water pressure.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Bungalow kitchens and bathrooms are likely to have been renovated to incorporate modern fixtures and appliances.

Fireplaces and chimneys

Bungalows typically had one or more fireplaces. Chimneys should be checked for structural and fire safety.

Other 1920s building styles

As well as bungalows, railway cottages and English cottages were also built in the 1920s.