Foundations and subfloors

In some bungalows, repiling or other remedial action will be needed to deal with problems such as uneven floors and inadequate earthquake bracing.

Original details

Original bungalows had suspended timber floors supported by piles set into the ground. Read more.
See floors or details of floor framing.

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Common problems and remedies

Uneven floors

Uneven floors are often a sign of problems with the foundations. Read more.

Repiling and levelling

Some bungalows will need to be repiled or levelled. Read more

Inadequate foundation bracing

Many villas do not comply with modern standards for earthquake bracing of foundations. Read more.

Insufficient ground clearance

Most – but not all – bungalows were built with sufficient ground clearance. Read more.

Insufficient subfloor ventilation

Bungalows with perimeter foundation walls may not have sufficient subfloor ventilation. Read more.

Matching new framing to existing

New framing timber has different dimensions from existing bungalow framing. There are several ways to deal with the differences. Read more.


Subfloor fixings may be affected by corrosion. See Remedies: roofing and cladding for more.