Bungalows typically had a combination hip and gable roof, clad in steel, shingles or Marseille tiles.

In any renovation, you’ll need to consider roof form, framing strength, and issues such as corrosion. 

Original details

Roof form

Bungalows often had combination hip and gable, or multi-gable roof forms. Read more.

Roof framing and gutters

By today’s standards, bungalow roof framing was undersized. Read more.

Roof cladding

Original roof cladding was generally corrugated steel, asbestos-cement shingle, or Marseille tileRead more.

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Common problems and remedies

Common problems with roofing and cladding include corrosion of metals such as flashings and fixings, lack of underlay, and breaking of shingle cladding. Read more.

Other common problems include: