Windows, doors and other joinery

Original details


Bungalows typically had timber casement windows, often with leadlighting. Read more.

Bay and bow windows

Most bungalows have a bay or bow window facing the street. Read more.


Timber panel doors were typical for both interiors and exteriors. Read more.

Other joinery

Bungalows typically had fairly plain timber skirtings and architraves, and built-in cupboards in halls, kitchen and other rooms. Read more.

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Common problems and remedies


Common problems include poor thermal performance, jamming and sticking, and rot or warping. Read more.

Weathertightness and moisture

While bungalows are generally fairly weathertight, original window flashings may need to be checked. See moisture.

Matching new glazing and mouldings to original

Skirtings and other mouldings are no longer made in imperial dimensions, making it difficult to get an exact match for original mouldings. Read more.


Rot is common when moisture is present, and can cause significant structural damage. Read more.


Window and door flashings may be affected by corrosion. See Remedies: roofing and cladding for more.