Construction planning and management

Good project documentation can help to ensure the construction process goes smoothly.

By this stage, all design decisions and material choices will have been finalised with the owner so that consent documentation can be developed.

Owners need to be aware that changes to the design come with a significant cost penalty as they may trigger significant rework for the designer.

Contract documentation

Contract documentation includes the working drawings and other information needed to obtain quotes and consents, and to build the renovation. Read more.

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Tenders and quotes

How to prepare tender documents and assess tenders, and quotes. Read more.

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A clear written contract protects both the owner and the builder.  Read more.

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The construction plan

A construction plan sets out the timing and sequence of all construction work. Read more.

It is also a good idea to bring in the client at key milestones so they can see the work completed at each stage. This will allow any misunderstandings or problems to be identified early. It will almost always be cheaper, faster and more convenient to identify and resolve issues early than to wait until the whole project has been completed.