Contract documentation

Contract documentation includes the working drawings and other information needed to obtain quotes and consents, and to build the renovation.

Once all key decisions are made and the owner has confirmed they are happy, the contract documentation can start. This documentation includes all details of the renovation, to allow it to be priced, consented and built. 

Although the contract documents or working drawings form part of the submission for a building consent, their main function is to provide enough information to allow the builder to perform the renovation work in accordance with the contract requirements and the Building Code.

What to cover

Contract documents will need to cover:

  • existing and proposed floor plans identifying both demolition and new construction
  • existing and proposed wall elevations
  • roof and foundation plans
  • electrical and plumbing layouts
  • cross sections
  • specifically identified materials and finishes
  • Specific construction details such as (but not limited to): 
    – integration of the existing with the new – cladding and structural
    wall cladding – wall top and bottom, corners, junctions
    – window and door penetrations
    – roofs
    – decks and balcony walls
    – flashings
    – interior trims
    – exterior trims
    – stairs as required
    – lining materials and finishes
    – floor construction 
    – glazing.

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Written specifications

The written specifications for the work complement the working drawings by quantifying the scope of the work, specifically identifying the materials and components to be used, listing the standards to be complied with, defining the quality of workmanship expected and listing any approved suppliers of materials or components. 

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Code compliance details

The contract documents also need to address matters of Building Code compliance to smooth the consent process. They should clearly identify for the BCA where:

See regulation and compliance for more information about Code compliance.