Compliance path 8: Verification Methods

A Verification Method is a test or calculation method for verifying Code compliance.

Verification Methods are provided for some Building Code clauses. An example is the test contained in E2/VM1, which describes the use of a pressure booth to assess the weathertightness performance of a wall cladding system.

A positive test result confirms compliance with the relevant Building Code clause and therefore must be accepted by a building consent authority as demonstrating compliance.

However, it is generally unlikely that an Alternative Solution for a renovation will be subject to a specific test because of the cost involved. 

When to use this option

Verification Methods will generally have limited application to renovation work. The exceptions are:

  • Building Code clause H1 (Energy Efficiency) – where the modelling method in H1/VM1 may be used
  • structural calculations to the loadings standard AS/NZS 1170 Structural design actions for bracing, framing spans, additional structural supports.