Compliance path 9: Acceptable Solutions

Acceptable Solutions are likely to be useful for completely new work and for structure and weathertightness aspects of renovations.

Some Building Code clauses have Acceptable Solutions that describe how the performance requirements of the particular clause can be met. These are not mandatory but, if followed to the letter, they provide a means of demonstrating compliance with the Building Code, and must be accepted by building consent authorities.

When to use this option

As construction and detailing of many older houses will differ from the information given in current Acceptable Solutions, the use of compliance path 9 may be limited. It may be able to be readily applied to completely new work but may be difficult to apply where the existing structure is being modified.

Examples where it can be used include using: 

  • E2/AS1 for roof cladding details and minimum roof slopes
  • E2/AS1 for timber weatherboard wall cladding details except windows, as timber double-hung windows are not covered under the Acceptable Solution
  • NZS 3604 for the framing and bracing of new construction – some extrapolation of previous versions of the standard may be required to assess bracing of existing structures where plasterboard or hardboard has been used as a lining
  • E1/AS1 for the sizing of both internal and external gutters for the rainfall intensities for the locality
  • E2/AS1 for wall underlay performance.