Villas typically had a corrugated iron hip roof, with gables over bay windows.

In any renovation, you’ll need to consider roof form, framing strength, and issues such as corrosion. 

Original details

Roof form and framing

Villas used hip roofs for the main building, with gables and valleys. Read more.

Eaves and gables

Treatment of eaves and gables ranged from relatively simple to highly elaborate. Read more.

Gutters and downpipes

Internal gutters were common in early villas. In most villas, original gutters and downpipes have been replaced with newer metal or plastic. Read more.

Roof cladding

Original roof cladding was typically in corrugated iron though tiles were used on some houses. Most villas have been reroofed. Read more.

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Common problems and remedies


Undersized framing is a common problem in villas. Read more.

Moisture and corrosion

Common problems with roofing and cladding include corrosion, and lack of underlay. Read more.

Matching new framing and cladding to original

New framing timber has different dimensions from existing villa framing. Dimensions have also changed for corrugated iron cladding, while matching clay roof tiles are unlikely to be available. There are several ways to deal with these problems. Read more.