Windows, doors, other joinery and hardware

Villas had double-hung sash windows and panelled timber doors.


Original villas had single-glazed sash windows. Many will require attention to improve airtightness and insulation. Read more.

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Doors and other joinery

Villas typically had panelled timber doors and a wide range of machined timber joinery for skirtings and architraves, cornices, window facings and so on. Read more.

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A range of hardware was used in the finishing of the villa. Read more.

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Common problems and remedies

Matching new glazing and mouldings to original

Skirtings, architraves and other mouldings are not made in imperial dimensions, making it difficult to get an exact match for original mouldings. There are several ways to deal with this. Read more.


Windows are a source of heat loss. There are several options to deal with this. Read more.

Other common problems

Common problems include draughts, and jammed windows and doors (through settlement, paint build-up or broken sash cords). Read more.