A range of hardware was used in the finishing of the villa.

This hardware includes:

  • double-hung sash fastener – brass or bronze
  • window sash lift ring – brass or bronze
  • sash pulley 4½ x 1”(122 x 25 cm) – brass
  • door (interior) escutcheon plates – brass, pressed metal 
  • exterior door lock escutcheons – brass
  • front door lock/latches – brass box locks fitted to the inside 
  • secondary doors lock/latches – thumb latches of the front door
  • door hinges – brass or bronze with an ornate head to the hinge pin
  • door knockers – cast iron or brass
  • door knobs to pull the front door closed – brass, glass, brass/porcelain, steel
  • door knobs with a spindle to turn the latch – brass, steel, porcelain
  • door level handles with a spindle to turn the latch – brass, steel 
  • striker plates
  • letter slots (Figure 2) with a hinged inward opening flap – brass or bronze
  • coat hooks mounted on a rimu or kauri board.